Every year the “Aktion Fischotterschutz e.V.“ organises an honorary Eurasian otter survey as part of the project “Information System Otter Signs” (ISOS). This survey is carried out using a fixed method –the European Standard Method – and takes place along selected search routes in Germany. The otter signs searched for are otter footprints and faeces. We are happy to allocate search routes close to your home or workplace; these have to be checked for signs once every year between September and January.

As a requirement for taking part in the survey you have to participate in a workshop that we offer every year. During one weekend you will learn the background and knowledge in biology and behaviour of Eurasian otters, as well as survey methods and recognising otter faeces and footprints. The next workshop takes place in Hankensbüttel in May 2023. The pamphlets show the scheduled program.

Please direct further enquiries, comments and questions to info@otterspotter.de.