Did you just happen upon an animal sign that looks like it could belong to an otter? Maybe your wildlife camera captured a picture of an otter? Or did you see a deceased otter lying on the road? Then you are in the right place!

The important thing is that you register yourself on this website so that you can enter the information about what you found and be able to have access to all other areas of the OTTER SPOTTER website. Once you register, you will also be able to securely use applications, such as our Ottertalk Forum, where only those that have registered can see and discuss a variety of topics about otters.

The Email address which you register with will not be passed onto any third parties and will not be visible to anyone. Others will also not be able to see when you are logged in and anything you report will be anonymous.

Report what you find here: Add new observation data.

After clicking on Add new observation data, fill out the text fields.

The fields marked with * are those you are required to fill out.

When filling out the form, you will first need to select which type of data you want to enter by clicking on “Type of Data Entry”.

You can find directions for filling out the report here.

If you have a deeper interest in otters and their tracks, then you can also become a part of our Germany-wide network of volunteer trackers through our program, OTTER SPOTTER.

You can do many things when you sign up for OTTER SPOTTER!

You can look under the tab Otter Life to learn more about the biology and lifestyle of river otters. In our forum, Ottertalk, you can connect with others who are also interested in otters.

Here, you can report your find and inform yourself about the spatial distribution of Eurasian otters.